Friday, July 29, 2011

Horned Frog cupcake anyone?

Kate Jones '09 of Fort Worth has been baking and decorating cupcakes since high school. She even continued her culinary pastime as a Horned Frog.

"I would generally surprise friends with cupcakes for birthdays or special occasions," she says.

But on her own 23rd birthday, Jones received a cupcake kit with holders shaped like turtles and teddy bears from her best friend Mallorie Sayre '10.

"I thought why not create a horned frog?" Jones wondered.

But not just a horned frog on a cupcake. Rather, Jones thought she could make an entire horned frog-shaped cake made out of cupcakes.

Her first one was for Mary-Kathleen Baldwin '03, assistant director for the TCU Center for Community Involvement & Service-Learning.

"She absolutely adored it, and I posted the photos to my Facebook account." Jones said. "In no time, friends were asking if I would bake one for them and offering ideas of how to market the product."

Now, Jones is starting her own business - CupKate's Bakery. She used some freeware on the Web to create her own site and is trying to get noticed.

" I really think growth is possible especially once the word gets out."

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Nursing majors show TCU spirit at the Parthenon

Nursing majors Caitlin Clark '13 (left) and Steffi Cenkus '13 explored the Parthenon and the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, in May. Notice they managed to show a little TCU spirit in the process. We like to think the ancient Greeks would approve.

Thanks to Judy Cenkus of Sugar Land for sharing with us.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Future Rose Bowl plans

The Horned Frogs may not play in the Rose Bowl Game any time soon, but Purple Nation can still make its presence felt. Proud alumna of the Harris College of Nursing Christine Schroeder ‘85 wrote to tell us about something coming in a future Tournament of Roses Parade.

Christine writes:

"I recently discovered at a nursing convention that for the first time on Jan 1, 2013, the president of the Tournament of Roses will be a nurse. Her presidency is recognizing the contributions that nurses make in all our lives by dedicating a Nurses Float.
"Contributions of any amount are needed to help this wonderful opportunity to honor, celebrate and recognize nurses. As a proud alumna of TCU, I hope that all of you will see this as a great opportunity to show our Purple Pride for our Rose Bowl Champions and our Nursing School and it’s Champions of graduates.
"Volunteers will also be needed to assemble the Nurses Float, if you are interested. To learn more about the Nurses Float and to contribute visit Please acknowledge you are from TCU if you donate, let’s show our pride.

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Panoramic scene of the 2011 Rose Bowl Game

Robert Morgan '86 BFA writes to share this panoramic photo of the 2011 Rose Bowl Game. Contact him at if you'd like a high-resolution reproduction of the image.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

TCU spirit at Disney World

Brent Parker '07 (MDiv) sent us this photo from a family vacation in Florida. He got Mickey Mouse to flash the Frog sign at Disney World!

Parker is the associated pastor for Family Like at First Christian Church in Longview.

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