Monday, January 31, 2011

Cheering on the Frogs!

Megan Delfeld '06 and her husband shared this photo of them at the Rose Bowl, surrounded by a sea of Wisconsin red. "We were so excited to be there as we cheered our Frogs on to victory!" she wrote.

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Stockings full of fun in Guatemala

Charlie Royer '04, wife Adelaide and friends went on a December mission trip to Guatemala with the Buckner Foundation. The Royers took time to teach the Horned Frog sign to new friends and hand out stockings. 

Royer is an account executive with the commercial interiors firm Royer & Schutts. He lives in Fort Worth. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

First date at Fiesta Bowl. Proposed to at Rose Bowl.

John Morris '11 didn’t know what to say when his girlfriend, Nikki Garber ’08 (MS ’10) asked during the holiday break whether they might get married at some point.

“I felt so bad because I think I broke her heart,” Morris would say later. “But I had this whole thing already planned and didn’t want to ruin the surprise, so I told her it would be a few years.”

This “whole thing” was an unexpected marriage proposal at the Rose Bowl, which he announced by having the cheerleaders hoist signs saying "Nikki Will You Marry Me?"

Garber’s reaction?

“She started looking around and said, ‘Isn’t that nice, somebody else spells their name the same way I do,’ “ Morris recalls. “Then she turned toward me, and by then I was on my knee holding up the ring.”

Yes, she said yes.

“People around us freaked out,” Morris says. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the bunch, even the people who didn’t know who we were.”

Photo Ironically, the couple that sat in front of them at the game also got engaged at a TCU football game about 30 years ago.

Morris and Garber met about a year ago through a mutual friend, and their first date was at the Fiesta Bowl, so Morris decided a proposal at the Rose Bowl was particularly fitting.

He asked her family for permission, arranged for the cheerleaders to hold up the signs and bought an engagement ring — crafted, appropriately, from rose gold, a pink-hued gold that has recently come in vogue.

The matching wedding band will circle her finger at Robert Carr Chapel next November, when they will marry.

Morris, a Fort Worth boot maker, will finished his bachelor’s degree at TCU in May, then move to Houston, where Garber is a geologist for Plains Exploration and Production, and hopes to being an MBA program at Rice University in the fall.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Horned Frog and a Tiger

Sharon Metroka Dooley '83 of Niceville, Fla., emails to tell us about her doubly good football fortune:

"In 1979, I entered my freshman year of college at Auburn University. In 1981, after meeting the man who would one day become my Auburn engineer husband, I made a tough decision to leave Auburn for TCU. My brother is an Auburn alum. My older sister is an Auburn alum. My younger sister is a TCU alum. My mother was a TCU journalism department employee.

Never, in a million years, would I have expected to see an Associated Press final football rankings poll listing Auburn as No. 1 and TCU as No. 2.

I love both of my schools. War Eagle and Go Frogs!"

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Eight Frogs in Pasadena

Katie Madsen '03 wrote to share this photo of she and her friends at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Left to right, pictured are Zach Madsen'00, Katie Madsen '03, Garrison Dolezal '01, Alex Dolezal '05, Tony Groat '04, Ron Groat '01, Matt Appleby '00 and Brittany Pollina'05.

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Horned Frog snow sculpture

Le’Ann Pembroke Callihan ‘90 of Denton wrote to share these snow photos with The TCU Magazine.

Her husband Mark (pictured above) created the snow sculpture on Monday with sons Reece, 12, and River, 8, all of whom are big Horned Frog fans.

While the skin looks like stone, the giant horned lizard is all snow and took several hours to sculpt. The Callihans used water colors to decorate the jersey, face and skin.

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With mom and dad at the Rose Bowl

Emily Gipson '04 and her father Nick Gipson '72 (along with mom Linda) celebrate the Rose Bowl victory together. Emily, who lives in Venice, Calif., hosted her parents from Wichita Falls for the game.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Painting the town purple

Brian Bennett '69 of Waco couldn't make it to the Rose Bowl, so after the game, he did the next best thing (according to him): He painted the faded fire hydrant in the corner of his yard.

No word yet on what the fire department thinks.

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Cheering the Frogs at sea

Susan R. Haecker Morgan '83, Craig A. Morgan '81 and daughter Lindsay Taylor Morgan '09 (along with son Craig F. Morgan, a University of Texas student) celebrated TCU's Rose Bowl victory while on vacation in the British Virgin Islands.

Susan, a tax professional in Arlington, writes: "We vacationed over New Year's, sailing on a 46-foot catamaran from Tortola and proudly flying our TCU flag. During our sail, several other boats flashed us a Horned Frog hand sign or called out to us during the week. We made special arrangements to watch the bowl game at the marina on New Year's Day and drew lots of attention as we proudly cheered the Frogs on!! It was the next best thing to being in Pasadena!"

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Watching the Frogs from remote Peru

Tracy Rundstrom Williams, associate director of TCU's Center for International Studies, watched the Rose Bowl from an unusual spot. We'll let her explain:

"I was in Iquitos, Peru, for my brother’s wedding on January 1. Iquitos is a remote city in the Amazon Rainforest, that lacks many of the amenities we are used to, such as air conditioning and clean water. So imagine my surprise that when I went to the beauty salon with my sister-in-law getting to our hair and nails done, the Rose Bowl was on the TV! I got to watch the second quarter of the game before we had to head to the church.

It’s unfortunate that I’m wearing red (the color of the bridesmaid dress), but I still thought you’d love it!"

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Sweet eats and Horned Frog treats!

Jessica M. Reddick '05 wrote to tell us about the Rose Bowl party she and her boyfriend threw for a few proud North Texas Horned Frogs, including friend Marcus Hubbard '71. Check out the sweet eats and special purple treats! Jessica also wanted to share the special Horned Frog-themed eats she has posted on her food web log:

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Frogs ring in 2011 with meeting David Arquette in LA

Melissa Huffman '02 (who took this photo) of Fort Worth writes to tell us that she and friends Marilyn Durden Guion '02 and Elizabeth Garrett DeWitt '03, both of Houston, rung in the new year with an encounter with David Arquette at Beacher’s Madhouse New Year's Eve “Sneak Peek” Party at Hotel Roosevelt during the Rose Bowl 2011 weekend. They even got Arquette to throw up the frog sign.

Writes Marilyn: "Elizabeth and I spoke to him for a few minutes outside of the entrance to the Beacher's Madhouse event about the show, which will be a weekly event at the Roosevelt in the future. We told him that we were in town from Texas for the Rose Bowl and he said 'Go Frogs,' so we asked him if we could take a picture. The party was quite interesting and David was very nice to Elizabeth and me."

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Frogs tout Rose Bowl win with billboards in Columbus, Ohio

A group of TCU alumni put together a little fund to purchase eight electronic billboards around Columbus, Ohio, in response to the Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee's comments on TCU only playing the "Little Sisters of the Poor."

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Signed Forever Purple

Here's a response we got from a reader from Chicago:

My mother was a UNT grad. My sister was a UNT grad. It was simply assumed I would follow in their footsteps. My dad had a junior high education. All he wanted was for me to do better than he had done.

In 1970, I became a TCU freshman. My mother and sister felt certain I had been brainwashed. My dad rolled his eyes a lot. There was no brainwashing involved. I simply wanted to be a TCU Horned Frog.

For four years I participated in every activity TCU had to offer. I made good grades. I was president of my sorority. I was Miss TCU. And all of that was great, but what I really wanted was to have a football team I could be proud of and brag about to my friends.

For 4 years, I never experienced a winning football season. Sure, we’d occasionally beat Baylor or Rice or maybe SMU. Arkansas “woo pig soooee’ed us” year after year. Texas stampeded us like Bevo on steroids. And those Aggies, well we got “gigged” on a regular basis.

I graduated. I got married. I moved to seven states. I got divorced. I moved three more times. I knew Bekins, United Van Lines and Atlas Movers like I should have known my neighbors. But through it all, one thing stayed constant: I remained a proud TCU Horned Frog.

Over the years, I explained (and tried to describe) a Horned Frog from Boston to Princeton (yes, THAT Princeton). From Sacramento to Chicago (twice) and then on to Nashville. Some got it and some didn’t. It is a toad? A lizard? A frog? Do you get warts when you touch it?

Through it all, I wished for a TCU football team that would make me proud. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. For years, I waited.

Then Gary Patterson entered the scene as Head Coach. Gary who? Never head of him. Where’s the flash? Where’s the splash? Still waiting. And I’m not getting any younger.

Fast forward to January 1, 2011. 2011 is the year I’ll turn 60! And finally, I have the answers I’ve been seeking. Splash and flash? Don’t need it. Is it a frog or a lizard? If you have to ask, you’ll never understand it any way.

What we have is a coach who knows how to take good players and teach/allow them to be great. What we have is a coach who understands the concept of “team,” and players who respond to that way of thinking.

What we have is a coach who really doesn’t even look like a coach. He hikes up his pants and re-ties his shoes so often I get whiplash watching the contortions.

What we have is a lack of drama, trauma and whining and lots of positive results.

Thank you Coach Patterson and the TCU Horned Frog Football Team for finally giving me what I’ve wanted for so many years. Cheers to you, 2011 Rose Bowl Champions! And cheers to the fact that I’ll never have to “explain” a Horned Frog again.

Forever Purple,
Judy Romer Nutter ‘74

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TCU Black Alumni Association watches the Frogs

The TCU Black Alumni Association held a watching party at the Arlington Highlands Improv with more than 100 Frogs attending. It was the association's largest event outside of Homecoming 2010. "The spirit of excitement for TCU football was incredible, and everyone had an amazing time," wrote Terrance Maiden '00, president of the association and former football letterman, along with twin brother Tim '00. "As a former football player, the Rose Bowl win will be a moment I treasure for a lifetime. We had a tremendous turnout. The entire restaurant was dedicated to alumni and supporters of TCU."

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Emailer's congrats!

A Brenda Turner Redell, a Tennessee alum from Knoxville, writes:

"Congrats on your win at the Rose Bowl! Finally, a "real" school wins a major bowl. I was proud of the players in their triumph especially when a player quoted scripture from 1 John 5:6! Truly a testament to the player's faith and moreover to the school! It takes a real man to stand up on national television and pronounce his faith! Godspeed to the school, the footbal team, and the football coaching staff as they revel in their well deserved win! My best wishes!"

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Another LA resident likes ad in LA Times

A Suzanne Harman of Tarzana, Calif., wrote TCU to comment on the full page ad as well.

Dear TCU Community, I opened the Los Angeles Times this morning, 01/03/11, and saw TCU's full page color ad thanking the Los Angeles community for hosting TCU at the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl events on New Year's Day.

I am impressed by your kind comments and the thoughtfulness of your ad. I'm a native Angeleno and have followed the Rose Bowl games for 50+ years; I cannot remember another Rose Bowl participant making such a gracious and public thank you for the privilege of participating in the Rose Bowl.

The ad says volumes about your university and the outstanding example this shows to TCU students, alumni, and others.

Thank you,

Suzanne Harman
Tarzana, California

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Chicago loves the Frogs' win in the Rose Bowl

6 Corners Sports Bar in Chicago celebrates TCU's win in the Rose Bowl.

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LA resident likes TCU full-page ad

A Ruth Flores of the Los Angeles area wrote the university to comment on the full-page ad TCU placed in the LA Times this week:

"I'm just an old lady (no, not from Pasadena) wanting to say how nice it was of TCU's Horned Frogs to thank Los Angeles for its hospitality in the one-page ad this past Monday. I have never seen anything like it before and was so impressed! Back home where I originally came from (the Big Island of Hawaii), we call it "A LOT OF CLASS." Los Angeles should thank TCU and all of their Fans who helped boost our economy during their stay. Congratulations to the Horned Frogs for winning the Rose Bowl game, and THANK YOU! "

Football players sign poster for Army alum in Afghanistan

Jessica Cates, associate director of TCU's Alcon Career Center, wrote us to share a heart-warming story about what the team did before it left for California.

"My brother, Clay Eiland, a TCU alum and graduate of the ROTC program (and die-hard Horned Frog fan), is a Captain in the Army and is currently serving at Camp Marmal in Afghanistan. This is his second tour. His wife, also a TCU alum, and 5-week-old daughter are anxious for his return in May (as are the rest of his family!).

A couple weeks ago, Clay’s twin brother, Cliff (a 2nd year TCU MBA student) contacted Jake Kirkpatrick to see if he wouldn’t mind signing a poster to send to Clay. Jake happily agreed and said he would try to get some of the other guys to sign the poster as well. When we got the poster back from Jake, all of the players (from what I can tell) had signed the poster, along with a thank you message to Clay. Jake also gave us a couple of individual signed pictures of himself in case there were other Frog Fans at Camp Marmal. I know this seems so small, but it will provide a much-needed connection to home for Clay. While he was disappointed to miss this year’s Christmas with family, I think he was more bummed about missing the Rose Bowl (don’t tell his wife!).

It could have been so easy for the football team to be focused on themselves, especially leading up to the biggest game of their lives, but it speaks wonders of their character to think of someone so far away. I have never before been so impressed with a group of young men.

Just thought someone should know. Go Frogs!"

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Loved the Rose Bowl, but wanted the Riff Ram chant

Lauren Johnston '02 wrote to tell us about her experience in Pasadena and the multitude of Horned Frogs in her clan, plus a plea to hold on to our traditions and roots:

"The Horned Frog victory over Wisconsin was an incredible experience! To see the number of Horned Frogs in the stadium and culmination of generations of graduates was powerful and unexpected. My own family spans three generations, all eager fans who traveled to the Rose Bowl. I had the opportunity to sit next to a TCU alumnus who played football in the 1950s, and his friend played basketball during the same time period. Earlier in the day at the Tournament of Roses parade, I spoke with a player from the 1960s and ran into a player from the late 90s. To have the support of fans spanning over 60 years was moving and exciting.

During the football game, my 70-year-old neighbors stood the entire time, cheering the frogs and high-fiving the fans surrounding them. The one thing that was missing was the infamous Riff Ram cheer. A cheer that spans decades and has the power to pull generations together has been absent all season, and especially during the Rose Bowl. Individuals remarked that they hoped the cheerleaders would lead us in the train moving chant of Riff Ram, but it never occurred. As TCU continues its prestigious journey from small school to big contender, I hope it doesn't forget its past roots. SuperFrog has changed from a paper-mache head to a muscle-and-spike mascot, our campus has grown exponentially and leads the country in innovation, and our cheers have changed and become more modernized. I hope that as we continue to shine on the main stage TCU continues to cheer the one chant that unites all fans regardless of graduation year. Riff Ram Bah Zoo!"

Lauren Johnston '02
Kent Johnston '77 '78
Melanie Harris Johnston '78
Mildred Johnston '46

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Charlotte, N.C. Frogs hold first event - watching the Rose Bowl

Ashley Cannaday Trotter '02 wrote in to tell us about the first-ever Charlotte, N.C. event - a Rose Bowl watching party at Dilworth Neighborhood Grille, attended by a handful of alums. "The group is excited to hold another event this spring!" wrote Trotter.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Orleans Frogs

Kymberli McKanna '05 (center) is an actress and hair and makeup artist in New York City, but she was in New Orleans on New Year's Day, where she celebrated with the Nola Frogs. The party, organized by Nick Breaux '03 (bottom), was downtown at the Gordon Biersch Brewery.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

This photo says it all!! Go Frogs!

The Frogs are the 2011 Rose Bowl Champions. Our TCU Sports Network Sideline reporter Jeff Williams took this photo. I think you'll says it ALL!!

John Denton
Color Analyst
TCU Sports Network

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Frogs Win Rose Bowl over Wisconsin!!!

In what has to be the biggest win in TCU Football history, the #3 Frogs beat #4 Wisconsin 21-19 in front of 94,118 fans. Andy Dalton, in his final game as quarterback at TCU, threw for a TD and ran for another on his way to Offensive MVP honors. Tank Carder led a TCU Defense in holding Wisconsin to 19 points when the Badgers had been averaging 43.3 point per game. Great in-game adjustments by Coach Gary Patterson and his staff kept Wisconsin off balance and enabled the Frogs to make key plays late in the game. The senior class ends its career with 44 wins (a school record) and the Frogs end the season 13-0 with an outside chance of a share of the national title should the national championship game between Auburn and Oregon be less than stellar.

Hard to believe, but a great 2010 TCU Football season is over. Perhaps the greatest season ever!

John Denton
Color Analyst
TCU Sports Network

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